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Woburn Class of 2007
Woodcraft of Woburn
Jerry Brown, Scott Dixon & George Vondriska
Teach the Teacher Class - Wild Earth School in Hudson, WI
Teach the Teacher Class - Wildearth School in Hudson, WI
Teach the Teacher Class - Wildearth School in Hudson, WI
March Class of 2007
Woodcraft of Wilmington
June Class of 2007
Woodcraft of Wilmington
May Class of 2007
Woodcraft of Leesburg, VA
May Class of 2007
Woodcraft of Milwaukee, WI
August Class of 2007
Woodcraft of Nashville, TN
November Class of 2006
Teach the Teacher Class - Pinkerton Academy - Derry, NH
March Class of 2007
Woodcraft of Portsmouth, NH
June Class of 2007
Woodcraft of Portsmouth, NH
August Class of 2008
Woodcraft of Portsmouth, NH
November Class of 2007
Woodcraft of Portsmouth, NH
April Class of 2007
Woodcraft of West Springfield, MA
June Class of 2007
Woodcraft of Springfield, VA
Teach the Teacher Class - Jacksonville, FL - November 2007
Teach the Teacher Class - Woodcraft of Jacksonville, FL
Teach the Teacher Class - Portland, OR - January 2009
Teach the Teacher Class - Woodcraft of Portland, OR
Teach the Teacher Class - Virginia Beach/Norfolk, VA - January 2007
Teach the Teacher Class - Woodcraft of Virginia Beach/Norfolk, VA
Spokane class of 2009
Woodcraft of Spokane, WA
Boise Class of 2009
Woodcraft of Boise, ID
Class of December 2007
Woodcraft of Manchester, CT/Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking
Woburn Class of 2008
Woodcraft of Woburn
Woburn Class of 2007
Woodcraft of Woburn
Woburn Class of 2009
Woodcraft of Woburn
Woburn Class of 2007
Woodcraft of Woburn
Orlando Class of 2008
Woodcraft of Orlando
Seattle, WA acoustiv guitar building class photo
Woodcraft of Seattle, WA


United States
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Guitars contributed by US Guitar Kits Builders and Students

USGK Cutaway
John Kotrosa Leesburg, VA Student
Tim includes the Rooster inlay on many of his guitars. His shop is named the Rooster Run Workshop in Newark, DE.
Rosette Detail on Spruce Top
Tim Trimble Custom Monogram Heastock - Newark, DE
Tim Trimble Abalone Top Detail - Newark, DE
Tim Trimble Abonole Top Side View - Newark, DE
Tim Trimble Abolone Bridge Trim Detail - Newark, DE
Veneered Headstock Front & Sides - Woburn, MA
Veneered Headstock Back & Sides - Woburn, MA
Neck Heel Detail - Woburn, MA
Sunburst by Alan Feldman Roanoke, VA
Sunburst by Alan Feldman Roanoke, VA
Herringbone by David Smith Clinton, ME

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