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Class Photos

Woburn Class of 2007
Woodcraft of Woburn
Jerry Brown, Scott Dixon & George Vondriska
Teach the Teacher Class - Wild Earth School in Hudson, WI
Teach the Teacher Class - Wildearth School in Hudson, WI
Teach the Teacher Class - Wildearth School in Hudson, WI
March Class of 2007
Woodcraft of Wilmington
June Class of 2007
Woodcraft of Wilmington
May Class of 2007
Woodcraft of Leesburg, VA
May Class of 2007
Woodcraft of Milwaukee, WI
August Class of 2007
Woodcraft of Nashville, TN
November Class of 2006
Teach the Teacher Class - Pinkerton Academy - Derry, NH
March Class of 2007
Woodcraft of Portsmouth, NH
June Class of 2007
Woodcraft of Portsmouth, NH
August Class of 2008
Woodcraft of Portsmouth, NH
November Class of 2007
Woodcraft of Portsmouth, NH
April Class of 2007
Woodcraft of West Springfield, MA
June Class of 2007
Woodcraft of Springfield, VA
Teach the Teacher Class - Jacksonville, FL - November 2007
Teach the Teacher Class - Woodcraft of Jacksonville, FL
Teach the Teacher Class - Portland, OR - January 2009
Teach the Teacher Class - Woodcraft of Portland, OR
Teach the Teacher Class - Virginia Beach/Norfolk, VA - January 2007
Teach the Teacher Class - Woodcraft of Virginia Beach/Norfolk, VA
Spokane class of 2009
Woodcraft of Spokane, WA
Boise Class of 2009
Woodcraft of Boise, ID
Class of December 2007
Woodcraft of Manchester, CT/Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking
Woburn Class of 2008
Woodcraft of Woburn
Woburn Class of 2007
Woodcraft of Woburn
Woburn Class of 2009
Woodcraft of Woburn
Woburn Class of 2007
Woodcraft of Woburn
Orlando Class of 2008
Woodcraft of Orlando
Seattle, WA acoustiv guitar building class photo
Woodcraft of Seattle, WA
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Scott Dixon-Ins...
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Donny Pattulo

So, the first Class of 2011 is now in session at the Woodcraft store in Woburn, MA.

I want to talk about the new group and share some pics if they don't mind, after next weeks class.

The class always starts out with some introductions, a little history and of course the answer to what brought them to the class.

An hour into the class and we're already marked and working on scalloping and trimming the bracing.

We still have the lining pockets to cut before a dry fit of the top to the body.

So, with everyone focused on the work, I invited one of my former students, Donny Pattullo, who had completed his guitar in an earlier class, in to look at his final setup.
It is always nice on the first night to have a student from a former class come in and show their finished guitar. Very inspiring to the class!

Donny did some nice detail work on the headstock including a front and back headstock veneer and a graceful shape cut into the top.

I think I'll give this weeks feature builder to Donny Pattullo. Nice job-Congrats!

We finished up the night "in clamps" with the tops glued to the body. Whew!

It was really a steady paced night and the guys really stayed focused.

Teaching Tip of the Night
A Few Chisel Thoughts
I really think good chisel skills will translate to good work and safe work.

Be sure to work with sharp chisels...hone often.

Keep both hands on the for "power" and the other for "control".

Don't have one hand on the chisel and the other hand in front of the cutting action. It happens...beware!

Establish good habits for using and maintaining your chisels and they will give you back beautiful and safe results.

Next Week
The new class students.
Building Progress Update.
Hopefully more cool stuff.

Rock On Everybody!
We'll see ya next week!

Scott Dixon

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Scott Dixon-Ins...
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Woburn, MA, First Class of 2011-Week 2

A bit crazy this week getting to make this post with the NE weather once again hammering us with snow.
Next year I think I might have to teach a class on how to build a shovel...what a winter!

The students:
Matt Berg-pictured using the laminate trimmer (router).
Jerry Melnick-pictured at the forefront of the class pic.
Steve Linnel-pictured reaming the headstock for the machines.

These guys are really a pleasure to work with and all of them do a good amount of woodworking professionally on contract jobs around New England.
These guys have good skills.

Matt was a "wizard" with the router and he made quick work of routing the channel for the binding.

All the guys set their neck angle and got their fingerboards prepped and glued on.
They also got the binding cut made on the top and back and week 3 we'll get the purfling cut complete and all the materials glued on.

Teaching Tip of the Night
Always wear eye and ear protection when using your power tools.
When you're holding a (laminate trimmer) router, be sure to get a good grip on it.
Remember, the whole router is not sitting on the surface. Position your free hand to apply pressure with two fingers on the base plate over the surface you're working on to maintain good contact with your work.
Be sure not to let go with these fingers and just rely on the grip you have on the router.
With the router turned off, plan out exactly how you're going to use it and where the position of your hands will be at all times.
Twist your wrist with the router to provide maximum contact with the surface when you're around the neck plate cutout on the top.
Make sure the base doesn't "fall in" to the cutout.
Be safe, pay attention and think ahead!

Next week
Installing the binding & purfling.
Fingerboard details-radiusing, inlays and polishing to prepare for fretting.

Rock On everybody!

See you next week.

Scott Dixon

Class 013111b.JPG Matt Berg 013111.JPG Steve Linnel 013111b.JPG


Guitars contributed by US Guitar Kits Builders and Students

USGK Cutaway
John Kotrosa Leesburg, VA Student
Tim includes the Rooster inlay on many of his guitars. His shop is named the Rooster Run Workshop in Newark, DE.
Rosette Detail on Spruce Top
Tim Trimble Custom Monogram Heastock - Newark, DE
Tim Trimble Abalone Top Detail - Newark, DE
Tim Trimble Abonole Top Side View - Newark, DE
Tim Trimble Abolone Bridge Trim Detail - Newark, DE
Veneered Headstock Front & Sides - Woburn, MA
Veneered Headstock Back & Sides - Woburn, MA
Neck Heel Detail - Woburn, MA
Sunburst by Alan Feldman Roanoke, VA
Sunburst by Alan Feldman Roanoke, VA
Herringbone by David Smith Clinton, ME

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